Spring is here, yei!

Spring is finally here! And with that I will be working a bit more. I must say, seing flowers everywhere does motivates me to draw and paint, even thought I do have some unfinished ideas from autumn and winter. But that will have to wait because the flowers wont!

There is a big park near home and it has a pretty nice collection of trees. Among them there are a few magnolias. I thought that it could be a nice project for this month so I went yesterday to visit them. The cool thing is that they are not all at the same stage of flowering, so I can see open flowers and also closed buds.

Here are a couple of sketches that I did yesterday. I will be doing some measured drawing tomorrow and probably next week. I will have to move fast because the flowers will not wait for me 🙂


What to show, how to show it…

Today I have to treat the images that I am going to upload in the site so that everything looks good together. Until now I was more focused on the structure of the site. I thought that it was ok some days ago, but I changed it during the week-end. I suppose that it will probably change again if I find a better way to do it, but for the moment I will focus on the images that I will show.