And the work continues…

This last couple of months have been full of changes and at the same time a bit static. One good and constant thing is that I can continue my work on the illustrations for the Flora of Madagascar. Last week I dared to travel and went to Geneva. It had been a while since I was able to visit the Geneva Botanical Gardens. I really needed to go and consult the herbarium specimens to continue my illustrations. It was an intense week but I am happy with the work done and also the work to come. I sketched and measured a lot and I took even more pictures to be able to draw at home for a couple of months. As we know, traveling is not the best idea right now. I think it will be my last trip for a while.

Here is a bit of my process with a couple of pictures (from left to right):

  • the herbarium specimen
  • the measured drawing
  • the transfer to a transparent paper so that I can more easily transfer it later
  • thick paper where I draw more details first with a light pencil and then with ink

After that, I scan the illustration and probably will clean it up a bit on the computer. On this one I need to correct a mistake that I did with a leaf. After that I will do a composition with the other illustrations for the species, like details of the flowers and leaves. You can click on the images to see them a bit bigger.

This a new species of Capurodendron of Madagascar that is being described by the botanists at the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques de Genève and will be published soon in a paper with other new species. Later it will be included in the volume of Sapotaceae of the Flora of Madagascar by the same authors.

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