Learning new things

I love to do botanical illustrations, specially the ones that I do for work. But I also like to do little doodles and less serious drawings 🙂 At the beginning of the year I had planned to find an art class so I can learn and experiment with new things but the quarantine changed my plans.

Last week I decided to try some online classes and it is fun. I had to do a self-portrait. I do not draw people very often, it is difficult. But this kind of self portrait was not about drawing exactly your face but more drawing an idea of yourself. It was nice because I had to find details but keep it quite simple at the same time. Something else new is that most of it was digital. I began with pencil sketches but then the final image is made in the computer. I cheated a bit because I scanned an ink drawing and then rearranged it and coloured it in the computer. I have a drawing tablet but I still prefer to draw on paper, and I think that it helps to keep my style. Maybe some other time I will experiment more in the computer.

Anyway, here is the final result. My friends will recognize me with my favorite striped t-shirt and my long braid, and off course I could not let my cats out and some mini plants for the print of my trousers.

Gabi’s portrait

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